Historic Studio 66 operates at Eco Base Camp, a creative, private retreat that takes advantage of Full Service RV sites for 360 Production. The self contained RV studio environment is family friendly, affordable, offers mobility to respond to any situation, is environmentally sensitive and is a unique team environment that can help benefit any production team. Further more, the philosophy of an Eco Base Camp emphasizes Biomimicry, custom designed Eco Tours intended to give artists a “Green inspiration”, as well as impart Natural Literacy, with the hope of influencing the productions total impact. Some of the potential green opportunities to consider: On screen, off screen, location selection, talent training, long term impact, purchasing, services, office environment and most importantly, Is it a healthy story with a solution? Once the production has defined how it can help solve a critical problem, it is ready to enter the production, or some aspect of it into the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Finally, being based on Historic Route 66 means that your production becomes part of our oral history project, creating a time capsule of discovery for future generations.

  • Awards & Audits
  • Story & Message- Healthy, positive and constructive?
  • On Screen
  • Location
  • Off Screen
  • Talent Training
  • Environment
  • Community
  • Impact- Short Term
  • Impact- Long term
  • Purchasing – Green & Local
  • Services – Green & Local
  • Office, studio, and location.
  • Charity or Donations 

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